About Me

I'm a 27 year old UX / UI Designer & Front-End Engineer. I've honed my skill set to handle the demands of modern web design.


I started my career in graphic design and moved into the UI space. I've since grown to love great experiences in web and mobile interactions. This discovery lead me into front-end development and mobile / responsive web design and implementation.

I have several works-in-progress, the biggest of which is Joinspeaker. Joinspeaker is a mobile audience response system created with jQuery Mobile and designed to be used on any modern smart phone or tablet device. I worked with team MarkedUp at StartupWeekend LA in February, where we took 2nd overall with our SDK for iOS development. Another notable project I've worked on was Tweetclaims, a notification system for deleted and unused Twitter handles. To date, we've garnered over 12,300 users.

I work full-time as Senior UI Designer at ZipRecruiter.

Check out some of my work and let me know if you have interest in learning more about mobile / responsive web practices.